Yuzuriha Nekoi


One of the dragons of Heaven, a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl descended from the keepers of Mitsumine Jinja, masters of inugami (dog-spirits), Yuzuriha is exceedingly energetic, often diffusing latent tension between Kamui and the rest of the Ten no RyÅ«. Yuzuriha is attended by her own personal inugami, Inuki, who can transform into anything she desires and who only others with occult powers can see. She was teased throughout much of her childhood as her classmates believed Inuki was her imaginary friend. Because of this, Yuzuriha made a vow that she would never fall in love with (or even date) a man who could not see Inuki. However, the first person outside of her family that she meets who can see Inuki is ShiyÅ« Kusanagi—a Dragon of Earth. Yuzuriha falls in love with Kusanagi, regardless of their conflicting fates. In Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle In Edonis country, she's a player who's paired up with Kusanagi Shiyuu. In Tokyo, she's one of the seven fighters of the Tower faction.