Yuzuru Fushimi

伏見 弓弦

Also Known As:

  • Butler-san
  • Slave

Unit: fine Age: 16 Birthday: October 18 Club: Archery Club A polite young man who's always smiling, Yuzuru is the capable servant of first year's Tori Himemiya, but he laments the fact that he's always pushed around by Tori's selfishness. With the Himemiya family's aid, he entered the academy partly to serve as Tori's chaperone. While he's not a member of the student council, he often helps out as he attends to Tori, and the vice president, Keito Hasumi, values his abilities more than Tori's. He's actually terrible at drawing. Tori has a pet dog, but Yuzuru doesn't like dogs. (Source: Ensemble Stars! Wikia)