Zazie Rainyday


Student Number 31: Zazie Rainyday (ザジ・レイニーデイ, Zaji Reinīdei?) Birthday: 17 March 1989. The silent acrobat, and one of the most mysterious girls of the class. Nothing much is known about her, as she rarely associates with anybody, and even when she does, she rarely talks (she has spoken only eight times in the serialized manga thus far). What is known is that she is a member of the Nightmare Circus, the school's Acrobatic Club, and is seen directing a group of "monsters" or "spirits" (similar to No-Face from Spirited Away, the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangelion or possibly Hollows from Bleach) when she offered to cover for her classmates during the school festival, and gave Chao a tiny living dragon as a farewell gift. She also has been shown to see Sayo without the assistance of Negi or having a close relationship with her like Kazumi. According to Negi's Class Register, Zazie is also a member of the school's Magic Club, though whether this is real magic or stage conjuring is unknown. In the anime, she is shown to have proficiency in all kinds of circus tricks such as juggling, sleight of hand, and costume changing. She has dark skin, and has two particular face marks: a large teardrop under her left eye (strongly resembling the carnival character "pierro"), and a vertical line resembling a scar crossing the right side of her face. A splash picture of the cast shows her with claws growing from her fingers. She is sometimes seen with her pet bird, but more recently with her "friends" (the black spirit-monsters). So far, she is the least known of all the students in Negi's class and very little has been revealed about her. Zazie is one of the few students in Class 3-A who did not participate in Negi's sojourn to Wales and the Magical World. When Zazie's name is seen it is written in the Latin alphabet, rather than in Japanese. Similarly, Evangeline's name is also written with the Roman alphabet. This seems to indicate that, like Evangeline, Zazie isn't from Japan and is instead from a country which uses the Roman alphabet. This is backed up by the fact that Chisame referred to her as a transfer student in volume 2. (From Wikipedia)