Zelda/Zeruda is Claymore No. 24 of Clare's generation. She is part of Undine's team in the Northern Campaign, along with Deneve (No. 15), Claudia (No. 36) and Juliana (No. 43). She was present when Undine's team joined Flora's team to attack the Yoki manipulating Awakened Being. She was one of the few who avoided its tentacles and attacked its head together with Lily. They were unable to injure it however it did have to leap away to escape their attacks. She seemed surprised when the Awakened Being was unable to force Clare and Deneve to surpass their limits. Zelda survived the battle against Isley's forces through the battle with Rigardo, managing to keep from being defeated even with the loss of the captains, one of the final six Claymores still active at that time. She was part of the last stand against Isley's remaining Awakened Beings along with Clare, Helen, Deneve, Miria and Cynthia. Tabitha and Yuma were unconscious at the time. She was killed by an Awakened Being at this point, making her the only Claymore to die in the Northern Campaign after the death of Rigardo.