Zen Kirishima

霧島 禅

The Editor-in-Chief of Japun. He is very competent and hardworking, results in all his subordinates' respect for him. Kirishima has a 10 year old daughter named Hiyori. Even though Kirishima wears his wedding ring, his wife has died long ago, and he wears it only to stop people from flirting with him. Unknown to everybody, Kirishima has always been watching over Yokozawa for Yokozawa's hard work. Later on after Yokozawa is badly heartbroken because of Takano's rejection, Kirishima comes into his life, and due to some circumstances, they get closer. Even though Yokozawa was reluctant at first, Kirishima ensures him that he doesn't need to forget his love for Takano. Kirishima will accept him wholeheartedly. Those words get into Yokozawa, and they start dating. Despite his cool and calm demeanor, Kirishima can actually be really childish when faced with someone he really loves. He is also a typical worrywart and protective father: constantly worrying about his only daughter.