Also Known As:

  • The King of Persocoms

Jima one of two government persocoms who are looking for Chii. They do not want her to execute her final program, which they believe would destroy the person-recognition abilities of every persocom on the planet. It is believed that the program will execute when Chii finds the person just for her. Jima, however, believes that this may not necessarily be true, and genuinely wants Chii to find happiness. He lies to Dita about Chii's whereabouts and stalls as long as possible before finally going to stop her. In the manga, Jima physically restrains Dita from attacking Chii. Jima is also the Japanese government's national data bank, and during the course of the series an attempt is made by Yuzuki to hack into him to gain information on Chii. In the anime, Jima remarks that he and Dita were created from the same basic system that Chii is, rendering them immune to her ability to immobilize persocoms.