Zodd Nosferatu


Also Known As:

  • Zodd the Immortal

Also known as Nosferatu Zodd, or Zodd the Immortal, an apostle who has lived for three centuries fighting countless battles in search of worthy opponents. Zodd has the ability to transform from his human-like form into a more menacing creature, resembling that of a minotaur with the face and tail of a tiger along with a pair of bat-like wings that he can retract and grow at will. Zodd first encountered and defeated Guts and Griffith during a castle raid, ultimately deciding to spare them upon realizing Griffith's crimson behelit and Guts' inevitable fate. Zodd has had a long standing rivalry with Skull Knight, along with Guts as he increasingly became a more capable opponent. Zodd eventually found the "Ultimate Strong One" in Griffith, instantly being defeated by the Hawk of Light within a dream and costing him his left horn. Afterwards, his search for his ultimate opponent was over, he swore his servitude to Griffith in the new Band of the Hawk. He serves the new Band in many of the same roles that Guts served in the old one, including being Griffith's right hand man, most trusted confidant, and strongest warrior. Zodd's ability to fly made possible both Griffith's rescue of Charlotte and Guts' attack on Ganishka at Vritannis. As both a reminder of his defeat and to make the fact he is a replacement of Guts in this new band of Hawk very clear, his left horn has never regrown like Guts' missing right eye. His reason for joining the band of Hawk is much like Guts' also mainly because he was defeated by Griffith. (Source: Wikipedia)