Arslan Senki


Victim of treachery, the army from the prestigious kingdom of Parse is defeated by its traditional enemy, the Lusitania. Its capital, Ecbatana, falls victim to the flames. Alone Arslan, the young heir to the throne, Daryoon, a general who remained loyal, and Narsus, an ex-military strategist retired with his disciple Elam, managed to escape. They will soon be joined by Gieve, a wandering minstrel, Alfreed, heiress to the country of thieves who is infatuated with Narsus, and the beautiful Pharangese, priestess devoted from her birth to the protection of Arslan.

Committed to reclaiming his throne, Arslan will have to fight the Lusitanian invaders and the one who proclaimed himself the only legitimate heir: Hermes, the knight of the silver helm. Thus begins a long and sore struggle for Arslan, a young man who has disliked war for all of his fourteen years, but who nonetheless will aim to free his country from slavery and and shatter the collar shackle of aristocracy...

(Source: M-U)