Kurd no Hoshi


A young man has left Tokyo for Istanbul to meet his mother and find his long-lost father. But instead, he finds that he's fallen headlong into somebody else's rebellion!

Jiro Manabe hasn't seen his parents since he was a child. He doesn't know what to expect, except that his mother is Turkish and his Japanese father mysteriously disappeared when he was almost too young to remember. When a stranger appears who can take Jiro to his mother, the mysteries that Jiro has come to solve only grow deeper. Is a drug-addled belly dancer Jiro's mother? Why and where did Jiro's father go? And perhaps most importantly, why are army troops trying to gun them down?

The series was partially published in English as Rebel Sword by Dark Horse Comics in 1994. The first 6 chapters were released in single-issue comics, but ceased publication afterwards.