Lodoss-tou Senki: Pharis no Seijo

Record of Lodoss War: The Lady of Pharis

ロードス島戦記 ファリスの聖女

Takes place around 30 years before the events in the main series.

Lady of Pharis is a tale that delves deeply into the history of this magical island and introduces a whole new cast of characters including Flaus, a beautiful and savage warrior fire maiden, Bled, a soldier for hire, and Wort, a Pharis priest. When an evil duke uses black magic to unleash a demonic vampire spirit, the tenuous balance between good and evil that prevailed in Lodoss after the War of the Gods is disrupted. The stage is set for a conflict that will embroil the ancient kingdoms of Moss and Valis in a desperate battle with the Demon Lord, and Flaus and her companions join forces with the legendary King Gahn, the Warrior Order of Pharis priests, and a beautiful and mysterious woman warrior to defeat the evil that threatens to overwhelm all of Lodoss.