Mahou Shoujo Kazumi★Magica: The Innocent Malice

魔法少女かずみ★マギカ〜The innocent malice〜

Escaping the darkness that was a suitcase, she found before her eyes a strange room, with a strange man. In the confusion, she knew only one thing. She had lost all her memories save that her name was “Kazumi."

As the girl with nothing but a name is engulfed in the events which follow, fragments of memories rise from her inner mind. We plumb the depths of Kazumi and her acquaintances’ hearts... what will be found?

Masaki Hiramatsu (scriptwriter for Kara no Kyokai) and Takashi Tensugi (of the new wave of bishojo artists) team up to raise the curtain on a never-before-seen story!