Oudou no Inu


In a tale set in the middle of the Meiji era, Shusuke Kano is doing hard labor in Hokkaido, imprisoned for demonstrating against the government for freedom and democracy. He escapes from prison with another government opponent and pretends to be an Ainu, to hide his true identity. Later, Kano meets Sokaku Takeda, a martial arts master, and becomes his disciple. Adept in martial arts, Kano works as a bodyguard for the Korean revolutionist, Kim Okyon. Kano is angry that leading members of the Liberal Party were freed from jail quickly and now live comfortably, while more unfortunate participants of the liberal democratic movement are still in prison. He soon becomes a faithful follower of Kim, a serious revolutionary.

Disheartened when Kim is assassinated in a plot between the Chinese and Korean governments, Kano goes into the trading business with a ship that Katsukaishu gives him. Meeting the Young Sunwen changes everything. He decides to put his energy and passion into the Chinese revolution; something he could not do with the liberal movement in Japan.

(Source: KodanClub)