Midorimaru was born with green hair and rejected of social companionship since birth. Although he claims that he's gotten over his green hair, he often takes strolls at night because it hides his hairs color. One day, as he was taking his usual stroll, he meets Yukino Mizunomori, who said his hair was beautiful. The next day, he finds out that Yukino was dubbed the "Computer Girl" and anyone that beats her at any game can have a chance to date her. Later, he comes across a mysterious game called "Psycho+." Without ever having heard of the game, Midorimaru took a chance and challenged Yukino at it. When Yukino picked up the game, the screen told her she can't play the game; when Midorimaru took it from her hands, though, the screen displayed "OK." Suddenly, Midorimaru gained powers through the game, starting with the ability to move trees. As the plot unveils Midoimaru progresses to different stages of the game, he plays with different powers, but losing his previous one as he progresses. Why is Midorimaru the only person able to play Psycho+? And what is will be the social outcome of him having special abilities?