Root Double: Before Crime*After Days - √After

ルートダブル Before Crime*After Days √After

Our main character wakes up while having two sexy chicks looking at him going "Are you okay, boss?" He looks at them, they seem to be wearing orange clothes but while they seem to know him very well, he doesn't remember them at all. Heck, he doesn't even remember himself. He finds out fast that they are in a facility and it's on fire. They are rescuers and need to finish their job before it's too late.

Our main character hears a girl's voice and hurries to save her, but as soon as she sees his face she screams "NOOoo!!," wondering what's wrong he hears a voice telling him to save her and they manage to save the girl; only to find out that they have been locked inside the facility which contains a nuclear reactor. They have medication, but not enough so they need to get the hell out of the facility somehow....

(Source: jCafe24)