Sabishigariya no Loliferatu

Lonely Nosferatu


At our school, there is a blood-sucking princess vampire--. The rumor that was whispered among the classmates was true. A high school classmate, the author Tokiwa Momoka, failing to balance between her ideals and reality, came across something fascinating at the old school building and ended up making a strange conversation with an eccentric princess.

"How rude. For what reason have you come here?"

"Because I made oden"


"There's also konnyaku!"


A bully, a self-destructing alien robot and I, the 'enemy of those supporters of justice'.

The princess along with her complicated and mysterious group of associates interwoven in the drama of youth.

"Everyone wants to write a story where everyone only quietly lives in peace"

"Get it? Nobody wants to read a story like that"

--This is our story that will make people laugh. And, it is also a story that is bound to get a happy ending.

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