Sakura Saichae

さくら 咲いちゃえ

Kumagaya Koji recently moved alone to Tokyo to study for the entrance exam to one of the most prestigious high schools. However, Koji is neither smart nor stupid, just an average teenager. As the exam date approaches, he gets frustrated and has no confidence that he will pass the exam. Then, a beautiful woman, Sasakura Sakura, who claims to be a tutor hired by his mother, comes to his apartment and Koji is instantly attracted to her. After cramming for the test with Sakura, Koji goes to the exam location only to find out the teacher is Sakura. Koji passes the exam and is accepted to the high school. How will the hormone raging Koji deal with Sakura who is not only his teacher but his personal tutor? Will he be able to get “1 on 1” time with Sakura?

(From Mangahelpers)