Walkure Romanze: Shoujo Kishi Monogatari

ワルキューレロマンツェ 少女騎士物語

In the Middle Ages, jousting was a duel between knights who put their prides on the line in an effort to take down their opponent in one sweeping blow. Even with the changing of time, jousting is still being done. In one country it has gone from "duel" to "sport" and everyone, girls as well, is encouraged to become knights and take up the sport. One girl, Celia, is no exception. It was through jousting that she met her first love, a jousting student named Takahiro in her youth. However, before she could talk with him, tragedy struck in the form of a jousting accident and he returned to his country before she could approach him. Years pass and Celia has become a strong young woman. Attending Winford Academy, she studies the art of jousting as well as how to become a knight. It is a new school year and she sees Takahiro among the new students. Will she be able to approach Takahiro this time? Will she become a knight? Only time will tell as the story unfolds.

This is based off a visual novel by the same people, Ricotta, who made "Princess Lover!" and is drawn by NO. Gomesu.