Akihito Tokunaga

徳永 暁人



Yokohama, Japan.

Akihito is a musician, producer, composer, arranger, manipulator, vocalist, bassist and a leader of the Japanese hard rock music band doa.

He majored in the Composition Course in Tokyo College of Music and graduated in 1994, and was invited by a Japanese music production company of Being Inc. in Tokyo. Besides for his own band and solo works, he composed and/or arranged the soundtrack music for some animations and the songs for many Japanese musicians. He also deals with the lyrics and plays guitar, piano and some other instruments besides bass. He has been active based in GIZA Studio in Osaka since 2000, an affiliate of Being Inc.

He is best known for developing the Japanese soundtrack of Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball: Saikyou e no Michi, replacing the retired Shunsuke Kikuchi who had composed music for the previous Dragon Ball series.

Akihito Tokunaga did not return for the recut series Dragon Ball Kai, and was replaced by Kenji Yamamoto.