Customi Z



The band formed with Gorou Kurihara, Daichi Izumi, Hiroki Terasaka, and Kenta Matsui in 2012 with no band name at EBiDAN The Live. They received their band name as Customize in May of the same year. The band name was changed to Custumi Z in October 2013 when Matsui left and HAMA joined. They sang anisong covers like "Hare Hare Yukai" and "Secret Base" before their debut. They officially debuted on August 27, 2014. Customi Z aimed to be a great rock band in the anisong industry.


GORO a.k.a Goro Kurihara (Vocals & Guitar, Birthday: January 12, 1996, Group leader) Color: Red

HAMA (Vocals, Birthday: April 15, 1996) Color: Purple

DAICHI a.k.a Daichi Izumi (Drums, Birthday: June 1, 1996) Color: Yellow

HIROKI a.k.a Hiroki Terasaka (Bass, Birthday: December 1, 1996) Color: Green

Ex-Member: Kenta Matsui who voiced Nova of Pankis! 2-jigen.

Source: Japanese Wiki of Customi Z

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