4-girl rock band. The label is Victor Entertainment. Cyntia = Cynthia + Tiara.

Originally formed by YUI and KANOKO when working together during LIV MOON's music video.

Indies debut with "Run to the Future" on April 2011 through Spinning.

Bassist change from AIRI to AZU on April 2012, and released first debut album Endless World on September 2012.

Cyntia was a back band of KARA on January 2013 to become more popular.

Consists of:

AYANO (Key, Pf & Cho)

AZU (Ba & Cho)


YUI (Gt & Cho)

ex. members:

AIRI (Ba) - Left After First Live During Indies Period.

KANOKO (Dr, Per & Cho) - Left on April 2015.

Victor Entertainment: http://www.jvcmusic.co.jp/-/Profile/A024266.html

Blog: http://ameblo.jp/cyntiaism/