Eiichi Kamagata

鎌形 英一

Eiichi Kamagata serves as president of Lucent Pictures Entertainment, Inc. and co-founder of the newly established animation studio "Lucent 4°C". Previously, he held the position of chief producer and production manager at SPE Visual Works Inc., now known as Aniplex Inc., a joint venture between Sony Pictures Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan. During his 10 year tenure at Aniplex Inc., he laid the groundwork for animation business and was responsible for overseeing the production process of animated featured films, animated television programs and original video animations.

As a producer, Kamagata has enjoyed the critical acclaim and success of the animated feature film Tekkon Kinkreet and has produced some of the most successful animated television series, including Gurren Lagann, Gintama and D.Gray-man. In addition, he has overseen both the business and creative areas of the animated features of Naruto and Bleach animated television series.