Flumpool is a Japanese rock band of four from Osaka. The name is a compound word of f from the English word four, since there are 4 members, along with the word meaning mass, lump, and the word pool. Flumpool falls under the label of A-Sketch.

Yamamura has been writing the lyrics for almost all of their songs and Sakai has been doing the composing.


* Ryuta Yamamura (山村 隆太), born on 1985.01.21 - vocals, guitar

* Kazuki Sakai (阪井 一生), born on 1985.02.26 - guitar

* Genki Amakawa (尼川 元気), born on 1984.11.27 - bass

* Seiji Ogura (小倉 誠司), born on 1984.02.27 - drums

Facebook: @flumpool.official