Hironobu Kageyama

影山 ヒロノブ


Hironobu Kageyama is a Japanese musical artist prominent in the soundtracks for anime, video game, and tokusatsu productions. He is sometimes called Kami by his fans. Kageyama got his big break at age 16, as lead singer of the pop group LAZY. By the early '80s, the band split and Kageyama went solo. He found major success once he started to sing the theme songs of anime and tokusatsu shows. Becoming immensely popular soon after, Kageyama went on to be dubbed the "Prince of Anime/Tokusatsu Songs" and is a main fixture for shows to this day. He also got the nickname "Mr. DBZ" by fans of Dragon Ball Z as he did the most songs for that anime. He is an original member and the current leader of the popular vocal group JAM Project. Also, along with Masaaki Endoh, he hosts "Anipara Ongakukan", a tv show aired at Kids Station Channel. His real given name is Hironobu.

One of the few voice acting roles that he preformed was Zaruba of the tokusatsu series GARO.


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