Hitomi Takahashi

高橋 瞳


Born on April 8, 1989 in the Miyagi prefecture of Japan, Hitomi is relatively new to the music industry. At first, she wasn't even interested in singing—she was more into dancing, actually—but her desire to become a singer began when a friend encouraged her to join a karaoke singing event in 2003. During her second year in junior-high school, in the middle of the summer of 2003, Hitomi applied for the Sony Music Auditions. Because of a change in interest, Hitomi moved from singing dance musicto singing rock music.

In 2004, Hitomi was selected as the finalist for the Sony Music SD audition (Vo-che3); 20,000 others had auditioned. She had been worried that because of her height (147 cm), she would be overlooked, but her powerful voice attracted the attention of people while she sang live. The end of 2004 found her being chosen to sing the theme song for "GUNDAM SEED DESTINY." Recording of her song "Bokutachi no Yukue" began at the end of the year.

Height: 147cm - 4' 7"

Favorite artists :Shiina Ringo, Avril Lavigne, Ellegarden, LOST IN TIME, Jack's Mannequin, Shaka Labbits, and We Are Scientists

Favorite manga: Gintama

Favorite things: dancing, collecting hats, film festivals