Janne Da Arc

Janne Da Arc


Janne Da Arc (ジャンヌダルク) is currently signed on the motorod record label, a subsidiary of avex trax. They have released three indies albums, nine major-label albums (including single collections), 26 singles, and 14 DVDs.

On May 9, 2006, they celebrated their tenth anniversary of their formation, the date marking when the final member, shuji, became an official fixture of the band's lineup. The band was not named after historical figure Joan of Arc, despite their song "Kyuuseishu --Messiah--" being about her; rather, yasu named the band after a character in the manga "Devilman" by Go Nagai. A picture series of the character can be seen on the art for the band's limited edition Janne Da Arc 10th ANNIVERSARY INDIES COMPLETE BOX, released March 15, 2006.

Their sound is self-described as "pop-rock", and vocalist yasu takes many musical cues from his musical idol, MORRIE of the 1980s rock band DEAD END. However, Janne Da Arc has proven themselves to be very versatile as well as proficient at their chosen instruments, and draws influence from the favorite bands and musical styles of all of their members.

As of January 26 2007, the members of Janne Da Arc are pursuing solo projects, concurrent with their work in the band. See official announcement in Japanese or an unofficial fan translation into English, and below for an itemization of solo activities by member.

On May 19, 2009, they released their major debut 10th anniversary COMPLETE BOX which topped the Oricon chart.

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