Kazuto Nakazawa

中澤 一登


Director of Asience: Hairy Tale. His directorial work includes Parasite Dolls, the anime sequence in Kill Bill volume 1, and the upcoming segment of Genius Party, Moondrive. He has designed characters for many anime, such as Ashita no Nadja and Samurai Champloo, for which he also served as animation director.

In addition to his work with anime, he designed the characters of Tales of Legendia and was the animation director of Devil Kings.

Throughout his career, he has worked also as an animator, providing key animations to anime such as The Animatrix's Kid's Story and A Detective Story.

He has made two appearances at anime conventions in the United States: at Otakon in 1999 and 2006.

He also co-directed the music video for the Linkin Park song "Breaking the Habit."