Kou Shibasaki

柴咲 コウ



Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Blood type: B

Height: 160 cm

Favorite things: Shouchuu (a Japanese beverage), natto, green tea, ketchup, candies.

Disliked things: Mayonnaise, green pepper, Mabo Nasu (spicy fried eggplants).

Favorite movies: Legends of the Fall, Léon, Hi no Ataru Kyoshitsu

Pets: Two cats, Anan and Tanin

Her stage name comes from a manga called "Golden Delicious Apple Sherbet." The main character is called Shibasaki Kou (柴崎紅). The manga-ka is Kawakami Junko.

Twitter: @Ko_class

Instagram: @ko_class


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