MERRY was formed by GARA (vocals), YUU (guitar), KENICHI (guitar), TETSU (bass) and NERO (drums) in October 2001. Their aggressive performance and melancholic sounds got on the topics. They established an independent record label “GEKIYAKU RECORD” in 2002, and released couple of songs, and played numerous shows around the country.

They signed to Victor Entertainment Inc. in September 2005, and the following year, they started their longest tour, performing nationwide, and played an impressive tour-final show at YOKOHAMA CULTURAL GYMNASIUM on 3rd May 2008. In 2006, they have performed outside of Japan for the first time in their history, and played successfully.

The band has released nine singles, three albums and three DVD from Victor Entertainment Inc. They are releasing their latest album “UNDERWORLD” in February 2009, and the tour starts from March.