Miyuki Nakajima

中島 みゆき


Birth name:

Miyuki Nakajima (中島 美雪)

Birth place: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

She has released 37 studio albums, 40 singles, 2 live albums and multiple compilations. Her sales have been estimated at more than 21 million copies. In addition to her work as a solo artist, Nakajima has written over 90 compositions for numerous other singers, and has produced several chart-toppers. She has also had many cover versions of her songs performed by Asian singers, especially Taiwanese and Hong Kong ones. She is the only musician to have participated in the National Language Council of Japan. Her songs are often used in TV dramas, and she herself was an actor in some movies, like Sayonara COLOR.

She is famous for her strict and powerful manner of singing and inspiring, lively and expressive lyrics.

In November of 2009, Nakajima was awarded with Medal of Honor with purple ribbon by the Government of Japan.