Naoko Takeuchi

武内 直子


Blood type: A

Naoko Takeuchi is a manga artist who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Takeuchi's works are widely admired by anime/manga fans. She is a well-known mangaka in the United States. Her most popular work, Sailor Moon, has been widely reprinted and marketed in North America. She also wrote the lyrics for a number of songs featured in the Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon anime and live-action series. They are mainly character-based image songs, but do include a few theme songs. She has won several awards including the 2nd Nakayoshi Comic Prize for Newcomers, for “Yume ja Nai no Ne,” in 1985. She also won for "Love Call" which won Nakayoshi's New Artist award which debuted in the Nakayoshi Deluxe September 1986 issue. In 1993 she won the 17th Kodansha Manga Award for shoujo for Sailor Moon. She is also married to the author of Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakusho, Togashi Yoshihiro.