Noriyuki Asakura

朝倉 紀行

Real name: (浅倉 紀幸)

A native of Tokyo, Noriyuki Asakura made his debut into the music industry in 1982, performing the theme song for a TV series. Since then his career has expanded in the direction of composing and producing, including writing songs for pop artists such as Hikaru Nishida and Kahoru Kohiruimaki. But as his creative interests began to diversify, he started focusing more on soundtrack composition for TV, anime, games and motion pictures. His dual experience in both pop and soundtrack production makes him one of the very few individuals capable of producing high quality material in either field. Noriyuki's musical savvy is featured in the soundtrack for the popular animation series "Rurouni Kenshin" (1995), and the international success of PlayStation game "Tenchu"(1998) gave people all around the world a chance to experience his unique Pan-Asian sound. Currently he has just finished working on the soundtrack for "Tenchu 2", and is looking for opportunities in Hollywood in which his musical style - which fuses elements from throughout Asia, spanning from the Middle East and Western Asia to traditional Chinese and Japanese - can be used as a vehicle to move and excite the listener in a way that only he can do.

Source: www-n.asakura.com