Otome Shinto



Otome Shinto is a female idol group formed December 6, 2012. Its first single "Mousou★Koukan Nikki (もうそう★こうかんにっき)" was used for the opening theme song of the TV anime GJ-bu and was released on February 20, 2013. With Aoi and Chika graduated on July 5, 2014, 4 new members joined on the same day and the new generation Otome Shinto will sing Ai Tenchi Muyo Friday ED.


- Yurika Takahashi (高橋 優里花), pink (Leader)

- Ayame Tajiri (田尻 あやめ), yellow

- Mari Aihara (相原まり), blue (Joined July 5, 2014)

- Mayu Ogata (緒方真優), green (Joined July 5, 2014)

- Arisa Sonohara (其原有沙) , red (Joined July 5, 2014)

- Airi Hasegawa (長谷川愛里), white (Joined July 5, 2014)

Previous Members (Graduated on July 5, 2014):

- Aoi Wakana (葵 わかな), blue

- Chika Arakawa (荒川 ちか), red

Ayame and Yurika also sang Jinsei OP.

The group disbanded on July 3, 2016.