Paul Pistore

Paul Pistore is a voice actor and puppeteer who is also known as 'Paul John Pistore'.

Alien: Resurrection - Puppeteer

Apt. 51 - Co-Creator, writer, producer

Batman: Dead End - Lead Puppeteer, Creature Effects

Batman Returns - Puppeteer

Dan Doh!! - Voice Director

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back - Special Make-Up Effects Artist

Masked Rider - Puppeteer

Men in Black II - Puppeteer

My Favorite Martian - Puppeteer (uncredted)

Sabretooth - Puppeteer, Sabretooth Animatronics

The Last Samurai - Misc. Weapons and Props

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie - Puppeteer (uncredited)

Live Action Roles:

Apt. 51 - Mal (puppeteer/Voice)

Masked Rider - Ferbus, Catatron (voices)

Power Rangers: Turbo - Flash Head (voice, uncredited)

Power Rangers: Zeo - Puppetman (voice, uncredited)

The All-New Captain Kangaroo - Mr. Moose, Copernicus P. Digit (voices)

Movie Roles:

Troops - Jawa, Capt. Reh Teah, Radio Dispatcher (voice)


Voice Acting Roles