Rey is a Japanese band who signed onto the Lantis label in 2008. They are described as the "real anison band" (本気のアニソンバンド) for their performances of anime theme songs. Front man Kenta Harada claims that their band's name comes from both Hironobu Kageyama's band Lazy and the anime character Rei Ayanami. The group's debut single under Lantis was used as the first ending theme of Tomica Hero: Rescue Fire. Rey was also included on Lantis's compilation album Gundam Tribute from Lantis, covering "Stand Up to the Victory", the first opening theme for Mobile Suit V Gundam.


Kenta Harada (原田謙太): Vocals and lyricist

Takayuki Sakamoto (坂本尭之): Bass guitar

Kenji Terazono (寺園健二): Guitar

Shinya Tasaki (田崎慎也): Guitar

Takahiro Okada (岡田峻洋): Drums