Satoru Kosaki

神前 暁


Osaka, Japan

In 1999, joined NAMCO as a soundtrack composer.

In 2004, joined MONACA,Inc. as a music designer.

He has composed for several shows as part of MONACA studio:

- Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto (with Keigo Hoashi and Ryuichi Takada)

- Hourou Musuko (with Keigo Hoashi and Keiichi Okabe)

- A-Channel (with Kakeru Ishihama, Ryuichi Takada, Keigo Hoashi)

In early 2014 he took an indefinite hiatus from his work due to health reasons. This hiatus affected two shows he was set compose for: Captain Earth and Wake Up, Girls!. He was still credited for music on each show, but he did not actually compose any music for them. The music was instead composed by other members of MONACA.

In late 2015 he started working again, ending the hiatus.

Twitter: @monaca_kosaki