Sumire Uesaka

上坂 すみれ


Birth place: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Blood type: O

Uesaka Sumire is a voice actress currently affiliated with Space Craft Entertainment. Because of her interest in Russia she is also affectionately known under the nickname Sumipe (すみぺ, the letter R resembles a P in Russia's Cyrillic Alphabet). Other nicknames include Suminya (スミーニャ), because she likes to wear nekomimi accessory, and Gundanchou (軍団長, Corps Commander) because of her interest in military, especially tanks, and her radio show.

At the age of eight Uesaka was scouted by Space Craft Junior Commercial Talent right when she was going home after an EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency. Afterwards she appeared in a Japanese Vidal Sassoon CM. In 2009 she took part in the Web Radio@Dengeki Bunko web radio, where she became a regular between September 2009 and December 2011. During her work there she wanted to breath life into her work, which became one of her inspirations to aspire to become a voice actress. Her other inspiration was voice actress Momoi Haruko, who she respects after she incidentally saw Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte when she was still a primary school student. Uesaka described the experience as shocking but it was there that she heard Momoi for the first time and yearned to become a voice actress afterwards. In April, 2011 she joined Space Craft Entertainment's anime section. Starting October 7, 2011 she became a radio personality on A&G NEXT GENERATION Lady Go!!. Following an announcement on August 12 of the same year at the Summer Comic Market 80, it was announced that she had being casted on the 2012 TV anime series Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!. In January 2012 she made her debut as voice actress, lending her voice to the heroine Takanashi Sora. Later Matsu Tomohiro, the original author, and Kawasaki Itsurou, the director, said that she was chosen at the audition despite technical flaws, because they couldn't picture anyone else as Sora. Following her first starring role she became gradually more busy during 2012.

Uesaka is an avid fan of Russia and its history, culture, military, literature and art. This traces back to the time when she was a tenth grade student, in her first year of high school, and heard by chance for the first time the Soviet Union national anthem. Henceforth she began to develop an interest in Russia and devoted herself to studying about Russian society and history on her own. She couldn't picture herself studying anything other than Russian language at university. In April 2010, she entered the Faculty of Foreign Studies at the well known Sophia University after a recommendation from Kamakura Women's University Junior & Senior High School where she graduated. There she was majoring in Russian Studies. Her graduation thesis was a study of the early history of the Red Army. On July 10, 2012 she received Sophia University's Studies Prize For Excellent Work.

Starting April, 2012 she received her own radio show, the Uesaka Sumire's Armored Guards Infantry Regiment Broadcast on Nico Nico Live. Because of her familiarity with Russia and interest in its military, she was casted as the Russian girl Nonna on TV anime series Girls und Panzer in October 2012. She also sung two Russian insert songs during the show, "Cossack no Komoriuta" and "Katyusha," both covers of well known folk songs. Her performance as voice actress and singer received a lot of attention in Japan and overseas thereafter.

Uesaka likes to study languages and is, aside of Russian, proficient in English and Chinese as well, having passed several language proficiency tests. She also likes Lolita Fashion and as such became a model for the Baby, The Stars Shine Bright clothing brand. Photo shoots with her are published frequently in Kera, Gothic & Lolita Bible and other well known magazines. She likes to draw and often posts illustrations on her blog and pixiv account. Her favorite food includes lamb chop and Kinoko no Yama. Her favorite politician is Vyacheslav Molotov, her favorite manga and anime characters are Chirico Cuvie, Duke Tougou and Rudolf von Stroheim. Her favorite tank is the BT-5 produced by the Soviet Union. On May 26, 2012 she served as a one-day captain of the JS Yamayuki at the Marine Fiesta in Funabashi.

(Source: AniDB)

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