the pillows

the pillows


"Birthplace" (band creation): Hokkaidō, Japan

the pillows is a Japanese alternative rock band, best known internationally for the soundtrack of the anime series FLCL. the pillows were originally "Coin Locker Babies" but was changed after Kenji left the band "KENZI&THE TRIPS".


Sawao Yamanaka (Born December 7th, 1968) – vocals, rhythm guitar

Yoshiaki Manabe (Born October 2, 1962) – lead guitar

Shinichirou Sato (Born August 16, 1964) – drums

Jun Suzuki (Birthdate unavailable) – bass (support member, since 1999)

Former Members:

Kenji Ueda (Born August 30, 1965) – bass (1989–1992)

Tatsuya Kashima (Birthdate unavailable) – bass (support member, 1992–1999)