Uverworld (stylized as UVERworld) is a Japanese rock band consisting of 6 members. They started out in 2003 with 7 members under the name of Sound Goku Road (or Sangoku Road, in the independent music scene). Their demo CDs back then sold 3000 copies. Two of the members back then, Seika (saxophone) and Ryouhei (2nd vocal) left the band after that. Two years later, in 2005, they signed with Gr8! Records and got an instant hit with the second Bleach opening song D-tecnoLife, as it debuted in the Oricon charts on spot 4. Later on they released their first album Timeless, on which ex-Saxophonist Seika returned for track 5. Their highest ranking song at that time was spot 3 in the Oricon charts for the third opening song of Blood+, Colors of the Heart. In 2007 they released their second album Bugright, the third in 2008 Proglution, and more after that. As of 2015, Uverworld has released over 25 singles and 8 studio albums.

The members are:

* Takuya on vocals, programming, and chorus

* Katsuya on guitar, chorus, and programming

* Nobuto (信人) on bass, and chorus

* Seika (誠果) on manipulator, saxophone, and chorus

* Akira on guitar, chorus, and programming

* Shintarou (真太郎) on drums

Twitter: @UVERworld_dR2