Yoichiro Yoshikawa

吉川 洋一郎


Hailing from Kagawa Prefecture, Yoshikawa began Sankai Juku activities while he was still a student at Tsukuba University, College of Natural Science (Faculty of Science). In 1980, he went to Europe with Sankai Juku. He later returned to Japan and became active as a keyboardist for the rock group "Yapoos" between 1985 and 1993. During that time, he released six CDs and many video clips, and held a number of national tours.

Concurrently, he was also active as a solo artist, working on ambient music and TV commercials. He also created considerable broadcasting music for various programs, such as NHK’s "The Miracle Planet" and "News 10," as well as producing and contributing music to artists like Princess Princess, Agnes Chan and Yuki Saito. After 1982, he worked on music for Sankai Juku with Takashi Kako and YAS-KAZ.

Yoshikawa's representative works include the Sankai Juku production "HIBIKI" (received the Lawrence Olivier Award in 2002, which is given to the best theatrical art in England), NHK’s program "The Miracle Planet" (received the JASRAC International Award in 1993, which is given to the Japanese composer who achieved the highest international sales), and the Sankai Juku production "TOKI - A Moment in the Weave Time" (received Grand Prize at the 6th Asahi Performing Arts Awards in 2006 ).

April 2005: Assumed position as specially-appointed professor for Kurashiki Sakuyo University - Sakuyo Junior College, Faculty of Music, Music Design Department.