Yoshitomo Yonetani

米たに ヨシトモ


Also known as Kometani Yoshitomo (米谷良知). Before 1999 Yoshitomo went by this name, seemingly an alternative reading of his birthname.

Also known as Mai. Yonetani Yoshitomo does not only direct anime and write songs, he also sings anime theme songs under this name.

Yonetani Yoshitomo was born May 13, 1963 in Tokyo and graduated Tokyo Designer Gakuin. He is the leader of Studio 7 at Sunrise and was responsible for their super robot cult series Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar as well as Brigadoon and Betterman.

Yoshitomo was inspired working in the animation industry after having seen Mirai Shounen Conan.

He started as production assistent at Toei Douga, before moving to Shin-Ei Douga and finally Sunrise.

(Source: AniDB)

Twitter: @yonetanikantoku


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