Yuugo Serikawa

芹川 有吾


After working as an assistant director in live-action films in Shin-Toho Film Company, he joined Toei Doga Company in 1961. Although his credited first film as co-director was "Anju And Zushiomaru", he only took on the role of assistant director in this film, which was actually entirely directed by Taiji Yabushita. His real debut as a director was in "Little Prince and Eight Headed Dragon" (1964). Later he co-directed the TV series and the two films (1966-67) based on the manga "Cyborg 009" by Shotaro Ishimori. From then he co-directed more than 20 animation TV Series for Toei before retiring in 1988.

(Source: IMDB)

Died on October 4th, 2000.