A detective hired by Chizuko's aunt and uncle to look for her when she is taken by Nijū-Mens�, chosen specifically because Chiko's aunt knew that he would be too incompetent to find Chiko. He travels around on the money they give him and makes up reports that he is getting closer to finding her, though is aware that Chiko's aunt does not care if Chiko is found or not. By chance, he is on the train Nijū-Mens�'s group is travelling on during Tiger's attack and survives to find a catatonic Chiko. He returns her to her aunt and continues to take money from them from the publicity of Chiko's return. The White Haired Devil uses him to corner Chiko by forcing him to recall his deepest regret - after the war, he lost his younger sister Chieko and never found her again, remaining haunted by the memory. Nijū-Mens� frees him from the Devil's control and Akine helps rescue Tome and Shunka, who were captured by the Devil. When Chiko's aunt tries to frame him for a failed murder attempt on Chiko, Akine chooses to leave her service and protect Chiko, whom he has come to see as a reflection of his lost younger sister. (Source: wikipedia)