Deedlit is a High Elf elf from the realm of the faeries. She has a great appreciation for nature, and her magic always exhibits elemental forces, such as wind and water. She also wields a thin elven sword. She can be incredibly fast and can match the attacks of dark elves like Pirotess. Despite her occasional haughtiness (especially to Ghim), Deedlit is quite knowledgeable, always cautioning her comrades of potential dangers. She also has a fascination with and affection for Parn, and it greatly frustrates her when he doesn't seem to return her attention. Throughout the ambiguous development of their relationship she remains loyal to him and stays by his side regardless of his oblivious behavior. As a High Elf, Deedlit possesses eternal life, making her a target for the dark wizard Wagnard, who requires a High Elf sacrifice to complete the ritual to revive the goddess of darkness, Kardis.