Nijuu Mensou


Also Known As:

  • 20 Faces

A mysterious man that is the main face behind the famous thief known as Nijū-Mens�. He is the chief of the team and the mastermind behind everything. Not much is known about his past, but it can be inferred that he was somehow deeply affected by The Great War. Though he is a thief, he appears to have a high moral code and a very kind and understanding nature. He teaches Chiko and the rest of his team that the most important abilities one must have in life are to be able to listen, observe one's surroundings, and to be able to think for one's self. In the sixth episode of the anime he mentions having lost all hope in the world during that period and a knowledge that there are still evildoers at large despite the war being over. Thus, he is greatly against killing, and makes sure that his team does not kill anyone unless there is no other option.