Tokidoki Rikugou


Also Known As:

  • Toki
  • Unwritten Page
  • Hakutaku

An easygoing high school student who adapts easily to new surroundings. As a child, he was sent to boarding school by his parents, and they barely kept in touch with him. He was consequently taken care of by Suoh Kuwata, a law breaker type, and a young woman, Chitose; Suoh died afterwards, but he was a very important person to Tokidoki. Tokidoki's childhood friend is Momiji. He keeps in touch with a policeman involved with Sendai Corp., named Hashita. Tokidoki is not good at history, and as a result, goes on a field trip to a virtual reality Edo period. While in this world, he loses the vision in his left eye to the nue and yakou and finds himself trapped in this simulation of the Edo period. Called the "hakutaku" (unwritten page) by some in the virtual Edo, as his fate isn't foretold by Heaven's Net. The demons that want to protect the world want to make him the new "Teiten" or God of Amatsuki, since he is just as powerful as the current one. After being rescued by Kuchiha, for whom he worries in the beginning of the series (because she lets others hate and isolate her), he adapts quickly to his surroundings, but is living life as if it were a dream. He is under the care of Lord Shamon, a priest who cares after Kuchiha and his friend from the real world, Kon. Toki soon befriends more characters, including Heihachi, and he even goes on to attract the attention of the women in the town (he later befriends the demons that are hated by humans). After becoming acquainted with the virtual universe, he finds himself having to choose between siding with the demons, who will revere him as a god, or with the humans, including the Onmyou Bureau, who want to get rid of the demons. He is stuck in the gray area, not wanting to choose one side, but both. He is warned about how dangerous this is, and has been asked to choose a definite side. In the recent chapters, we find out he has fallen in love with Kuchiha.