Seiji Kishi

岸 誠二

Seiji Kishi, born in Shiga Prefecture, Japan, is an anime director and the representative director of Team Till Dawn as well as board member of Logistics.

Kishi was interested in films and comics from his early childhood on. During second grade in elementary school a picture he drew won several prizes, and his aim was set to become an animation director (a misapprehension, according to himself). After graduating high school he went to Yoyogi Animation Gakuin and afterwards started working as animator for Asia-Do.

After becoming a freelancer for a short time, he joined Logistics where he worked in the software development section and was responsible for animation work and later developing tools for animation work in games. While working in Logistics' animation department he started Team Till Dawn in 2002, which was also the beginning of his career as anime director.

Twitter: @kishiseiji